About me

I am a Tunisian computer science engineer.
I studied in Tunisia at the NSCS (National School of Computer Science)  and i graduated on 2011.
Since 2011, i have worked for many big companies in Tunisia and in 2016 i relocated to Paris (France) where i worked for many big companies like Europcar International, La poste, Société Générale, etc
Now, i have more than 10 years of experience in programming and teaching programming languages at university.
I like sharing my knowledge with others from all over the world.
In fact, i am a non English native speaker (English is my third language). 
This is why you may find some spelling errors in the tutorials. So, you are welcome to contact me in order to enhance the tutorials or to correct some grammar or spelling errors.
If you want to write articles in my blog, you are welcome.
I am open also to any project proposal or any professional opportunity that will boost my career.
You can contact me by email or through my LinkedIn profile.

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