JAVA condition: An introduction

java condition tutorial

A JAVA condition is needed when we want to make a decision between two or more options in our program.

This happens when we have some processing which depends on some JAVA condition to be executed. Otherwise, it will not be executed.

Imagine that our processing is to show a dialog to a student which informs him/her if he/she passed the Exam or not.

Here we have two cases:

  • Case 1: the student passed the exam. The average of his correct answers is more than 50% (or equal 50%).
    • In this case, we will display the success message
  • Case 2: the student failed in the exam. The average of his correct answers is less than 50%.
    • In this case, we will display the failure message

So, the processing depends on the average of correct answers got by the student.

To make sure that we display the right message in the right situation, we should compare that average with 50 and do the processing according to the result of that comparison.

The JAVA language, like most of programming languages, implements conditions through control flow statements:

Please, click on the links to get into the details of each JAVA condition statement.

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